Pricing - Funky Marketing

Add a bit of funk to your marketing starting from $7,319 / month

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Implement our Funky Marketing Growth Framework

Cut through the noise: we advise on marketing strategy & programs
Get campaign planning & management right
Get an in-depth understanding of what is working & what’s not: we help you set up the pipeline reporting & funnel optimization
Find the right leads, at the right time, every time: we help you optimize for high-intent pipeline & revenue
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Multi-Channel Distribution & Media Operations

Campaign strategy, optimization & reporting
Monthly performance reporting
Audience development & targeting
Support for all major social and ABM platforms
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High-Velocity Creative Production

New campaigns launch every 6-8 weeks
Campaigns focus on demand creation
Messaging & design optimization
Platform-specific messaging & design
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Starting from $7,318.15 / month. Monthly price increases with higher monthly advertising budgets.