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30-Day Marketing Audit

Great for Investors or CEOs
Over an intense 30-day sprint, we run a comprehensive audit of the entire strategy – from infrastructure to people to go-to-market – and present our findings alongside a tactical 12-month Starter Marketing Plan on how to reorient marketing towards generating revenue.
One-month commitment.

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Fractional CMO Services

Great for Investors or CEOs
We step into the position of Chief Marketing Officer for your company and work directly alongside your executive team to develop and deliver a full-funnel marketing plan that helps you achieve your corporate growth objectives.
A 12-month minimum commitment

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Short Marketing Sprints

Great for Heads of Marketing/Sales
Work with leadership to achieve a defined marketing objective over 3 months - from launching a new channel to creating a piece of high-value lead-gen content to performing an infrastructure audit -freeing up the team to focus on the wider strategy.
A 3-month minimum commitment
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1on1 Marketing Support

Great for Solo Marketers or Founder-led Marketing Teams
We provide access to a strategic marketing expert to soundboard ideas, review assets or evaluate specific areas where an individual feels stuck in an hour-long, one-to-one feedback session.
We need an hour of your time.

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Add a bit of funk to your marketing.

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