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Let us remind you of the way things are done right now. We like to call it the Old Way.

Marketing is not doing marketing. Today, marketing is doing digital sales. That’s not what marketing is supposed to do. The sales team tries their best to convince the leads to make the purchase, but only a small portion of them become customers. They just aren’t ready because it is not the way they buy today.

But how can you overcome this? What is the New Way? 

Marketing creates a personable brand that appeals to the target audience and focuses content on educating people about the problem and getting them to empathize with the customers. Marketing builds a personal relationship with potential customers by sharing relevant content that is of interest to them in each step of their buyer’s journey.

What Marketing doesn’t do is push sales at every opportunity.

Instead, Marketing tells a story and lets people discover for themselves how much it can benefit their life which in turn increases conversions.


The customer’s journey is no longer linear. They buy in a different way.

Using old Hubspot SEO strategy won’t work if there’s no existing demand!

People talk to their peers on LinkedIn, inside small communities, and they and highly influenced and educated on the podcasts/

They don’t want to click, they want to consume in the feed.

We’re here to help you leverage the existing demand and create the new demand.


Build it and they will come, they say. It’s not how it works. Not the way people behave.

It is not enough to have great content but to know how to create the right content strategy and create authentic content with distribution in mind.

Distribution is the pain point of any company. And it’s our biggest strength.

Let us help you distribute the right content to the right people at the right time.


In B2B organizations, the word “silo” is often used to describe a point of contention.

Over the past few decades, customer journeys have become more complex with an increasing number of touchpoints and channels. This complexity has made it harder yet more important for companies to remain agile while still achieving their goals.

Companies have created tension between departments that are all trying to achieve different goals and missions, and this has negatively impacted marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

However, lack of alignment among teams adversely affects outcomes preventing the companies from reaching full potential.


We live in times of extraordinary competition. Look around, there’s a sea of sameness everywhere, especially in B2B Tech space.

To be able to be unique, to be you, and differentiate, you gotta know who you are as a company, what are your culture and values, which problem are you solving, and who are those companies and people that have the exact problem.

We help you do that.