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Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales alignment is often nonexistent in B2B companies. B2b companies are sales companies, not marketing companies. And most companies do sales, not marketing.

When that is the case, and when you have a marketing department in your company, then you think about how to make marketing work like sales. 🤦

How does it look like?

Lots of SDRs – because of lots of low-quality leads.
Low efficiency – not all SDRs are good and most of the leads aren’t really interested in buying.

It gets you in the position to have too many leads that cost too much.

There’s no alignment nor connection between marketing and sales, between people working on the bottom of the funnel and people that work on top of the funnel.

There’s no predictable revenue, or it is reduced.

It all happens because we focus on the wrong things. And it starts with executives.

  • Focus has to be long-term.
  • Execution can’t be sales.
  • Execution needs to be brand.

It’s actually simple.

  • If you want marketing, you need to do marketing.
  • QIf you want sales, do sales.
  • The ideal scenario is doing both, but have in mind marketing is there to spark growth, not sales. Sales is there to take the growth to another level.

RevOps is combining and aligning sales, marketing, and customer success teams within a business.

With teams working together, the company is can optimize its sales and marketing, collect more high-quality leads, and make more money. 😎

On the other hand, Revenue Acceleration is part of the RevOps process.

B2B companies have created tension between departments – all trying to achieve different goals and missions. This has negatively impacted marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

Over the past decades, the customer journey has become more complex with an increasing number of touchpoints and channels.

This complexity has made it harder yet more important for companies to remain agile while still achieving their goals.

But lack of alignment among teams affects outcomes preventing the companies from reaching full potential.

Customer service is finally taking center stage.

More companies realize that CX leads directly to profits. It’s no surprise that marketing, sales, and CS are now being called on to work in lockstep.

Yet, companies still struggle to align efforts towards a unified goal – building an organization focused on digital experience and sustainable business models for the future.

The way businesses interact with their customers has changed – there’s less friction between these internal teams. They’re working together to create amazing interactions for every person who interacts with the company.

That’s why revenue functions like Revenue Operations and Revenue Acceleration have become increasingly important to help companies remove friction.

RevOps focus on executing and aligning teams while Revenue Acceleration provides tactics and tools for sales, marketing, and CS to take action in their day-to-day work to fuel growth.

Both have the same goal – introducing full-funnel accountability between the 3 revenue teams and provide value to customers.

Revenue Acceleration merges marketing, sales, and CS teams to help customers achieve the value they expect from the brand.

They’re connecting with customers through a personalized experience tailored to their needs.

Aligned revenue leads to a 19% faster revenue growth.
Aligned teams act on the same insights and share the same goals aka they have full-funnel accountability.

Rallying them around their customer is essential.

It gives them a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish and helps them be more efficient in how they work together.

All while doing what’s in their customers’ best interest.

We help you get through this and enable your teams for the future growth.