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Demand Generation

Demand Generation

We create demand generation strategies for fast-growing tech companies and help them generate revenue. We also help them create alignment around revenue aka change their system to make marketing, sales, and CS work together.

But let us get back and explain this time we’re living in.

We’re living in times when B2B is still mystical. We see it as something that is generic, unoriginal, slow, without personality. I guess that’s why it is mystical.

Things have changed. There are people behind every single company. We’re not working with objects (although we tend to forget that quite often). We’re working with and marketing to humans. To people.

In B2B, it takes longer than in B2C to sell something.

There are multiple reasons for it.

  • Longer implementation and onboarding time
  • Expensive products or services
  • Existing vendors
  • Decision-making processes in companies

It all affects the speed of the buyer’s journey.
And not only that.

  • Companies create content for search engines, not for people.
  • Content is not consumable.

Sure, in time it will bring traffic, but will this be the right traffic?
Is there an existing demand for the brand new tech product and services on Google?
Will it bring decision-makers and people who can influence their decisions?


That’s why we need to go fast.
Speed is one advantage we can have over others.

So where does it takes us?

To the moment where we realize that the distribution of content is more important than the content itself. More important than branding. In fact, it affects branding in a positive way.

It helps us get the feedback and optimize the content so it gets better with each next step we make.

From B2C, B2B needs to learn how to use branding and emotions to make their content more personal.

And when you create a great content machine for distributing that content, you’ll see that, when you’re focused on the long-term goals, when you don’t measure each and every piece of content, you get the results even in the short-term.

We’ve always been people that invested hard in brand and content.

Also, we’ve worked on the other side, in performance marketing, and this gave us a great overview and a unique perspective that we’ve used to create a content machine for Funky Marketing and to do the same for our clients which captures the existing demand and creates the new demand.

See? There’s a difference from what companies are doing right now.

Demand Gen doesn’t focus on the top of the funnel only.

It communicates with customers in all stages of their buyers’ journey because that journey is far from linear today and the funnel becomes just something marketers came up with to simplify things.

There’s a problem in the way companies and agencies are implementing Demand Gen.
Demand Gen agencies focus on SEO or Advertising, and there’s no middle.

This goes well with companies being obsessed with ABM and leads.
Together, it basically leads to marketing just doing digital selling.

Demand can be created, generated, and captured in so many different ways except for the two I mentioned, plus Advertising can be done in many different ways.

But, most companies and agencies are doing what everyone else is, not analyzing first what’s working and what are the costs.

And then, when it comes to ABM, they just turn on the tech and expect things to work without making it work first, and only then adding tech to support things that are already working.

Uh, tired of talking about these things already.

We do things the old-school way.

Start with getting to know your customers.
Create a relationship with them and find out what they need, instead of focusing on what you want out of them aka Lead Gen.

For us, Demand Gen is not just Advertising. It’s Content (both creation and distribution), its Brand, and its WOM (word of mouth), its Retention.

All of it.

And it helps customers go throughout the whole buyer’s journey, finishing with repeatedly buying what we sell, all Inbound.