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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy is important. Extremely important.

Build it and they will come, they say. It’s not how it works. Not the way people behave.

B2B buyers are looking for a compelling “what the fuck is there for me” reason to buy. And it goes beyond features, functions, and it goes beyond price.

Pretty much every business software application increases efficiency or improves operations in some shape or form.

Let’s generalize for the sake of context.

Those things aren’t differentiators. They are a basic requirement for market consideration.

Implementing a new business solution, in most cases, requires change on the part of employees, and unless the current pain is very great, people generally resist change.

Successful B2B marketing is about explaining how the new solution will make life better, not only for the product champion but all the other users and stakeholders as well. Thaaat’s where it gets complicated.

To not end standing alone in the corner at the party skip the explanations of marketing automation processes, the intricacies of content marketing strategy and craft, and data-driven marketing.

Focus on customers and tell a damn good story.

It is not enough to have great content but to know how to create the right content strategy and create authentic content with distribution in mind.

Distribution is the pain point of any company. And it’s our biggest strength.
Let us help you distribute the right content to the right people at the right time.

No matter if you’re selling a beer or enterprise software, all marketing is ultimately person to person. That’s why authenticity, collaborative storytelling, and brand purpose have such currency in B2B marketing.